A Thanksgiving story about…appendicitis

Last year we celebrated Thanksgiving late because we didn’t have a calendar, and were a bit confused about when it really was.

This year we celebrated Thanksgiving late because of appendicitis. No, none of us have any problems with our appendix. But, last week, our coworkers’ son started having severe pain. They are the ones who watch the dorm, and we happened to be at their house SO we had to step into the place of dorm parents. Yikes. But, it went smoothly enough. We passed Thanksgiving by a few days before they were able to return.

Almost as soon as we got home, I started cooking. First, G pulled out the carrots, and fennel for roast vegetables.

Then, with the boys’ help I whipped up some bread, stuffing, coconut pie, and roasted a chicken.

Fortunately, I have been saving some canned cranberry sauce since July, and sparkling grape juice and olives since October. So, even if the cooked food was a bit scant, it didn’t really matter.

We are thankful for our coworkers who watch the dorm year round (we wouldn’t want to do it longer than a week). Thankful for a garden, cozy house, friends, and the chance to be together.

Even if it is November 30th before celebrate.

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