Ups and downs

This last week has been filled with ups and downs.

Down: Getting home to find that rats had eaten holes in my favorite sheets, my sarong, Mike’s shirt, our floor mat, the string on G’s hat, and they’d eaten up G’s swimming shorts and the plastic sleeve of a DVD. Up: we killed seven mice. Take that. Down: our house is pretty moldy so for two days I was mostly knocked out with allergies. Up: the tropical weather that molds our house also makes it EASY to grow stuff. I planted a whole tomato in the ground a month or so ago, and it’s sprouted into several beautiful plants. Looking forward to that harvest. Down: it’s a hard hike to get to any Christmas parties that we want to attend. Up: the view from the top of the mountains is AAHMAAZING! Wish I had the ability to properly photograph the winking twinkling lights of the fishing boats spread out over the expanse of the ocean. Down: it doesn’t really look or SMELL like Christmas around here. Up: but it is clove season, and the drying cloves smells SO good. G said “I wish I could close my eyes, and open my nose wider.”

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