The meals of the Christmas season

Christmas “Adam” (thanks-ish to my brother for that term)
Mexican Sausage Soup (beef sausages brought up by our friend)
Cornbread (Michael ground the dried corn in the blender first)
Homemade Tortilla chips
Fresh guacamole (with avocados off the tree)

Christmas Eve

Rice, coconut rice steamed in bamboo, squid in oyster sauce, grilled chicken, pork satay, vegetable soup. Cooked by our neighbors and friends.

Afterwards we played mud soccer, and had a dip in the river. SO much fun.

Christmas Day

Breakfast: Bacon, spinach, and cheddar quiche (Michael drove down the day before to pick up the cheddar and bacon that we have stored in a freezer on the coast). Gingerbread cake (thanks mom for the mix). Fresh pineapple. Hot chocolate with marshmallow peeps (thanks Debbie), coffee, and apple cider.

Lunch (with LOTS of other people) of rice, salt dried fish, noodles and cabbage, and yellow chicken curry.

Boxing Day
We expected to be a few mountains over spending time with new friends, but Michael came down with a stomach bug. So, it was back to the regularly scheduled programing. We did have some bacon left, though, so we whipped up some mushrooms and bacon sauteed in butter with shallots and a dash of balsalmic vinegar.

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