Happy Birthday G

G’s birthday is on the 13th. I’m a bit behind on posting, because we’ve spent a lot of time up here in the mountains where we don’t have cell phone service…and not so much time on the coast where we can send and receive email.

Anyways, I still want to write a bit about his birthday. We began his birthday with biscuits and gravy in bed.

Then, after rushing through breakfast, we opened presents.

The present from Michael and I was a soccer ball which is a little tough to wrap.

Michael had the brilliant idea to wrap it up just perfectly for a 7 year old. If you want to do the same, you can wrap a soccer ball (or balloon filled with small toys like cars or toy animals) in a black plastic bag. Then with black tape attach a piece of white string. At the end of the white string attach a cut up red plastic bag to resemble fire. I used red tape to hold it on. Then cut words out of white paper and attached them with clear packing tape (it turned out to be the best way to attach the words…I tried double sided tape and glue…neither really stuck).

After present opening we worked on school, ate a normalish lunch, played with the legos G got, and then G’s best friend Putri came over. They played while I worked on dinner: homemade pizza, chips, carrot sticks, strawberry fanta (birthday boy request), shortcake with whipped cream and gaping or laulau or jambu air (sorry I just can’t remember the English word, but I used every other language I know) sauce.
After turning on the generator, we ate dinner, and then watched a movie. I think G had a great night, he very kindly said, “thank you mom for doing all of this work for my birthday.”
I didn’t know 7 year old boys even notice or think to appreciate their moms…but maybe I sighed a few too many times or looked too overworked and worn out…but I didn’t think it was too bad (as opposed to other years…like when we did a party for 80 kids).

Note: the 7 years medallion is originally a free download from lovevsdesign.com. They have lots of great stuff (lots of it is free).

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