A Trip: a few mountain ranges over

Last month we took a trip a few mountain ranges over. We travelled with our friends Jesy and Ely, who make everything fun. On our way we stopped at the market and bought the last servings of Turmeric Rice and Gado-Gado (steamed vegetables with a delicious peanut sauce).

To G’s great joy we stopped to eat at a “beach” with a big gnarly old tree.

The tree was just perfect for climbing, and picnicking…except for the ants.

The hike up was a hard one because we walked in the middle of the hot day. I guess we weren’t too genius in our planning. But, in my defense it’s a hard one to plan…we had to come down off our mountain in the morning, before it rained. And then no on really wanted to sit and wait on the coast for 4 hours while the weather cooled off.

Half way up, the road turned into a cement sidewalk. It was a super strange thing to see, a cement sidewalk winding through chocolate and clove trees on the back side of a mountain. I guess someone must have had government funds to burn. If they’d painted it gold and called it the Yellow Brick Road, it wouldn’t have been much stranger.

Finally we got to our hosts house.


They have a gorgeous view of the clove trees stretching out to the ocean.

The boys had fun playing with their friends.

We hung out and spent more time getting to know the special families who live there.

We spent two nights there, and often crashed by night time…even though we were sleeping on mats on top of a cement floor.

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