Corners of the House: BIG mortar and pestle

Here’s another favorite from the kitchen…our BIG mortar + pestle. Well, I guess it’s still called a mortar, when it’s this big.

Ely’s dad made me this, by hand, with a machete. Isn’t it beautiful? Ely’s family uses a mortar like this one to pound their freshly harvested rice…we use it sit on…mostly. But, we’ve also called it into use when we tried our hand at making lentil hummus. Maybe I’ll write a recipe up when we finally perfect it. For now, know that it’s mostly the same as regular old hummus, just sub out lentils or shelled mung beans for the garbanzos. Why would you need to do that? I don’t really know, maybe like me you can’t get garbanzos, or they are just plain too expensive if you can find them (like $2 a can).

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