Mama Made: T-shirt to pillow

When we were in Thailand I bought a touristy t-shirt…one of the designs that caught my eye…a bear riding a mint colored vespa wearing black thick glasses, and a mustache, AND coral colored skinny jeans, AND with geometric triangle designs on his head. The hipsterness of it! All put together!
Alas my hipster t-shirt is a polyester blend of very hot, very not breathable fabric. I cut the bear out, and spent way too long trying to embroider it onto another shirt. But, it was a FAIL.

So I made a pillow.

Here’s how to turn your polyestery tourist t-shirts (or goodwill finds) into a pillow that your kids will fight over.
1. Cut out the image from the t-shirt.
2. Cut out a matching piece from the back of the shirts.
3. Put the two pieces right sides together with the shirt tag (in this case a cute tag that says “made in Thailand”) sticking out the side.
4. Stich around the outside edges, leaving a smallish hole for the stuffing.
5. Turn pillow right side out, and insert stuffing.
6. Whip-stich the hole closed.

If desired, before sewing the pillow together, you can embroider different parts of the picture to highlight them. I considered doing that with the glasses, but I’d already wasted too much of my crafting time trying to embroider it on the second t-shirt.

Now to decide which of the kid gets it…but for now it sits on my bed. Fortunately, Michael’s not at all jealous.

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