“We could eat you up, we love you so.” –Where the Wild Things Are.

The other day G blindfolded the little boy and I. He led us, stumbling, to a bed he had made out of tree branches. The little one told his brother, “wow G you did such a good job.” Then while big brother ran off to get more branches to add to the bed, the little boy leaned into me and sighed, “mama this is so nice, G is so foughtful.”
Honestly I wasn’t too thrilled to be blindfolded, or to trip along behind the big boy, or to sit on a bed of branches for no reason, when I had a long list of other things I needed to get done. But, as soon as I saw J’s pure enjoyment ,and appreciation of G’s hard work, I repented of my lack of wonderment. So, I sat back and listened to the cicadas and the river for the few minutes. I leaned into J and watched his bright eyes watching his big brother.
And I truthfully thanked G for his hard work and for being so “foughtful…um I mean, thoughtful.”
Then I left to go do my other things, while the boys sat and enjoyed each other for a while longer…before they started fighting again.

picture taken by G, with our iPad.

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