Mama Made: slingshot bag

Confession: way back when I wrote about the trappings of boyhood, I made a fake prop bag (by draping a belt next to a cleverly folded cut off from my jeans) to sub in for when I actually got around to making the real thing.

Well, I finally made the real thing a few weeks ago, and it couldn’t have been easier. I should have done it months ago.
Here’s a slingshot bag modeled after the bag that most boys around here carry. It’s handy for stashing, yes slingshots, but also perfect small rocks, endless amounts of rubber bands, and maybe a bottle of water. Now that the big boy is spending most of his waking moments up in a tree, it’s just right for slinging it over his back, before he heads up.

the cut-off from an old pair of jeans (I made myself a pair of shorts, at the same time…tricky)
the leather strap from an old purse
brightly colored thread

First, cut off a 2-inch wide section from the top of the jean leg. Then turn the jean leg inside out, and whip-stich the top closed.

Take the 2-inch section and fold it in quarters so there are no raw edges hanging out. Whip-stich the edges. Sew onto the top of the bag, making a tab. Clip the purse strap to the tabs. Stitch triangles (or any other favorite design) on the front.

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