Peter and the Wolf

For music class we have been reading through Story of the Orchestra
It’s a fun overview of composers, and instruments.

We’ve also been listening to classical music. It’s not something I used to enjoy very much, but with the kids I’ve taken a renewed interest. It helps that Leondard Bernstein
did so many great things for kids, one of them being Peter and the Wolf.

When we studied about Greek theater masks in The Mystery of History, I decided that we should try our hand at making some masks. At first I wanted to try papermache, but decided to simplify my life and make masks out of old cereal boxes.

The first thing we did is to cut out oval face shapes. Then I cut out the eyes. For the duck and bird, I cut out beaks. For Peter and his grandfather, I cut out noses and mouths. For the wolf I cut out a long snout shape. Finally, for the cat I cut out a mouth shape. I taped the various noses and beaks on with masking tape, and gave the masks to the boys to paint.

Once the base coat was dry we added details.

The duck and bird were given feathers.

I sketched noses and fur on the wolf and cat.

The wolf looks mean doesn’t he?

For the grandfather I used a brown, tan, white, and peach crayon to add wrinkles and details. We also cut out a frowny mouth since he’s not a very happy character.

Last but not least, I sketched a bit of detail on Peter, and we glued curly yarn hair on him.

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