thoughts on canned foods

The other day, one of our friends was in our house and picked up a can of Spam type stuff. He was amazed by the technology that could create such a thing. He loves the fact that the “pork” is so smooth, and compressed.

I come at it all from an entirely different angle. “Modern” things like canned foods have so many problems with them: BPA in the cans, preservatives, unnecessary additives.

It seems like my culture (post-industrial) are walking away from canned, processed, factory-made
to the much healthier natural, free range, slow foods.
While our neighbors (pre-industrial) are walking away from fruit of the land, wild food, SLOWLY processed
to factory made, highly sugared and salted, preservative loaded food.

They want “modern”, we want “natural”. For me natural doesn’t equal that my kids will die easier or that I have to work incredibly hard for all of my food. But for my friends and neighbors that’s exactly what it means.

Factories provide easy food, and powerful medicines.

So let’s meet in the middle. I want to encourage my neighbors and friends to pass on the knowledge of natural plant medicines, and slow down the consumption of processed foods…but at the same time help them find the proper Western medicines if they need them.

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