The 30 | 30

The other day I opened up an old notebook and found my 30 while 30 list. 30 things I wanted to do before turning 31. Well my birthday was in December, so I guess I better clean the slate, and work on my 31 | 31 list. It looks like I can move a lot of last years “goals” over to the new list, because I didn’t get very much done.

  1. Can spaghetti sauce >>>Nope, still didn’t happen. But I’m hoping to this month.
  2. Plant/harvest a garden >>>Happened, and continues to happen. I’m looking for more seeds for round 3 on carrots. Planted some more tomatoes, and need to plant some more pumpkins.
  3. Get cilantro to grow >>>Tried twice, failed twice.
  4. Make a good compost heap >>>Check. Maybe not GOOD, but it’s working.
  5. Paint more/get art supplies >>>Check, thanks to Michael…maybe that will be a post on it’s own.
  6. Make GOOD pickles >>>Fail, I think I’ll take this off the list.
  7. Find a good, heat proof frosting recipe >>>Check.
  8. Take the kids through “The Lamb” again >>>Check.
  9. Read through the Bible, daily spend time >>>Not as regularly as I’d like.
  10. Read more good books >>>Check. Thanks everyone for giving books, or Amazon cards.
  11. Get chickens to the point of regularly giving eggs (make a chicken house) >>>Not yet. Still have plans for this.
  12. Learn this language >>>Slowly happening(ish)
  13. Make a world history timeline for the kids >>>Check
  14. Swim with turtles or whales >>>Ha, ha, ha. Nope.
  15. Ride a train >>>Close, but no cigar, the track was out in Thailand
  16. Ride an elephant >>>YES!
  17. Learn some dance moves >>>Ha, ha, ha. Nope.
  18. Get a good schedule going for school >>>Yes!
  19. Be more deliberate/scheduled in cleaning the house >>>I wish.
  20. Use more coconut oil and LESS palm oil >>>Sort of
  21. Watch less TV (kids) and play more games >>>Nope
  22. Make Friday fun activities more regular (art, PE, music) >>>done, but we do them throughout the week, not just Friday
  23. Get the boys to regularly do chores >>>Fail
  24. Write more stories and essays >>>Not really
  25. Work on book illustrations >>>I’ve worked on it, still tons to do though
  26. Translate the Village Medical Manual
    >>>yeah right
  27. Learn more about delivering babies >>>check, still LOTS more to learn, though
  28. Do more hiking >>>Check
  29. Get a soccer team together >>>Check
  30. Go swimming more often >>>Nope. The boys still ask almost every day, but almost every day I beg out since it’s COLD. It would be good exercise though AND good for my skin to get a little bit of sun.

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