Mr. Robot

Our ‘recycling’ bins are overflowing.
We don’t have a recycling truck that drives up to our house, and takes care of our trash. So, we have to get creative and try to re-use thing. We do have friends who love our bottles, and some of our cans. But, we often have more cans then we can deal with. That’s where Mr. Robot comes in.

We gathered up miscellaneous cans, wire, spray paint, paint pens, and some old wire.

G and a friend spray painted the body of the robot. Then they pulled off the labels on the tuna, and tomato paste cans. When the spray paint was dry I drew a face, hands, and legs on the cans.

Michael made holes in the cans with a large nail, and then fitted the cans together with a piece of red wire.

Mr. Robot has been loved and played with for the last few days. He has a amazing range of emotions that he can show with his tin face and limbs, but mostly it’s just melancholy. We are thinking of adding wires, and a frame to turn him into a puppet, and then we can teach him to dance.

Maybe that would cheer him up.

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