Making a cloth doll

When we first moved here, I started a list “100 uses for a sarong”. I’ve just barely made it to 20, so I guess 100 was quite ambitious. Maybe if I really break things down like 1. a carrier for betel nut 2. a carrier for water 3. a carrier for groceries…that might get me there.

I’ve since discarded the title. It’s now just a list of ways to use the multi-purpose sarong:

  1. Skirt
  2. Beach/after bath cover-up
  3. Towel
  4. Cape
  5. Head cover/sun cover
  6. Blanket
  7. Sleeping bag
  8. Changing room
  9. Backpack
  10. Baby carrier
  11. Child back carrier
  12. Chicken carrier
  13. Purse
  14. Nightgown
  15. Swing
  16. Baby hammock
  17. Stretcher
  18. Tablecloth
  19. Rain Jacket
  20. “hip pack” (if you are wearing a sarong as a skirt, you can wrap up oranges, candy, or whatnot in the front folds)
  21. Doll

Here’s the way that a doll is made:



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