The smell of new paper

I love the smell of new paper, and books. I love fresh pencils with un-used erasers. I love a clean desk, and a reorganized school corner. I love a fresh daily planner. I love the first days of school.

“What?!” you say. “The first days of school?” Yep, we are back at it.

We’ve decided that a year round schedule works better for us. After a two month break, we realized we were all ready to get back into the structured schedule of school. And, the boys couldn’t wait to crack open the new books. This way I can schedule frequent breaks throughout the year, and I’m planning a long Christmas break. We can also take the schedule easy, and finish everything before lunch, even though we have a few new subjects this year.

We tried to make the first day of school a bit special. I baked a cake, and we took school pictures. It was a lot of fun.

One thought on “The smell of new paper

  1. Great stuff! That’s what we did too in the RP because it seemed like we had a lot of interruptions. It did help w/giving structure to the day and week too. Have fun and a great school year!

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