I’m just now realizing: Holidays in our little house in the woods are fun.
We strip the holidays down to the essentials: food, friends, and small DIY projects (the only thing we always miss is family).

I am realizing that I enjoy holidays in the woods because I am forced to restrain myself, cut back, and be minimalistically creative. If we were close to a Target or Whole Foods I know I would drive my family crazy theme-ing everything, having all kinds of decorations, and making complicated hors d’ oeuvres. And, I’d spend way too much money.

Since I’m forced to chill: I don’t miss seeing the sparkle in my kid’s eyes as they thoroughly, no holds barred, enjoy themselves.

Our Independence Day was: Flag craft. Talking about freedom. Roast corn. Roast chicken. Jello. Rolls. Coleslaw. Lemonade. Games with friends. A movie. Coffee. Chocolate chip cookies. Fireworks. Sparklers.

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