Chore charts. Who would guess the kids would be SO excited to fill this thing out? Who would have thought they would be so excited to finish their chores? Who knew they would be happy when I say, “I’ve got an extra chore for you”?

This is the real reason…they love their “wages.” At the end of each week, if they finish a certain amount of chores, they get a “lego” figure.

Star Wars is their new crush, so I was excited to find star wars figures for them.

It’s been good for me to remember to involve them in helping around the house. I often get into my groove, and then realize that the boys have done next to nothing to help out. When we run out of figures, I’m not sure what we’ll do…probably go back to cold hard cash.

What do (did) you do to help your kids learn to have a work ethic? Do you give wages? Money or other things?

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