Say what?

“Treatments in body heatness. Cures sore throat, gingivitis, stomatitis, and helpful gives a refreshing body.”

Just something to make you smile. I’m glad I’m not the only one who makes mistakes.

One thought on “Engrish

  1. Amy,

    I wanted you to know that i really enjoy reading your blog although I do not normally post comments. Your family is in my prayers regularly and i love seeing your daily snippets of life posted on the blog. i can’t believe how big the boys are getting! Its unbelievable. How are they in preschool & second grade?!?!? Send me an email of things you and your family need or want as
    I want to start getting a package together to send to you all. I’ve been busy as school is starting up again and my oldest is leaving for college. He moves out Saturday and school started today so I should have some time on my hands to gather up things to send your way! let me know the boys sizes too!!! Summer clothes on on sale right now!!

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