Bible: Building on Firm Foundations for kidsReaders: the Book of Life encyclopedia series
Science: Answers in Genesis God’s Design for Life
Readers: Interactive Explorer Oceans & Rainforests, Kaleidopops Oceans, A House for Hermit Crab, Tiny Seed by Eric Carle, Jacks Garden, Eyewitness Books: Plants, Tell Me Tree, a bird field guide, Nat Geo Sharks, Nat Geo Great Migrations, What Do Sharks Eat For Dinner, First Encyclopedia of the Human Body, Dover Human Body coloring books, a Book About Your Skeleton, Magic School Bus Gets Eaten and Inside the Human Body
History: The Mystery of History Volume 2 and Story of the World audio
Readers: Usborne’s Who Were The Vikings, Eyewitness Books: Aztec, Inca & Maya, Marco Polo for Kids, Castle Diary, Eyewitness Books: Ancient Rome, City by David McCaulay, Detectives in. Togas, Sword in the Tree, Roman Diary, the Illustrated Book of the Knights, Saint George and the Dragon, A Medieval Feast, the Sword in the Tree, Knights and Castles, the Makings of a Knight, Castles, Pyramids + Palaces, Knights (Usborne), Days of the Knights, The Minstrel in the Tower, Leif the Lucky, Castle, Knights of the Round Table
Math: Math-u-see
Languages Arts: First Language Lessons by Jessie Wise, Writing With Ease by Susan Wise Bauer, Explode the Code books 6-8, Dolche sight words, HWT Printing Power
Readers: Usborne Read-It-Yourself Stories, Adventures of Amelia Bedelia, Disney Pixar Story Collection, Mercer Mayer First Readers, Richard Scarry Readers, One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish, Oh The Thinks You Can Think, etc.
Geography: A Child’s Introduction to the World and People’s of the World
Art: Let’s Make Some Great Art, Action Jackson
Music: SQUILT, the Baroque Period
Others: My Song is Beautiful, The Carnival of the Animals by Jack Prelutsky, A Child’s Introduction to Poetry, A House is a House for Me, the Llama Who Had No Pajamas, Aesop’s Fables


J sits in on Bible, Science, History, Geography, Language, and Music. It’s up to him how much he wants to listen to. He’s usually playing with legos or blocks or coloring after the first two subjects…but he still catches stuff. For example he can say the definition of a noun along with G.
While G is working on his Math and Explode the Code (he can do those mostly on his own)…J and I work on a Kindergarten Math book (he’s a strange kid, he asks to do it for fun), or projects from Mommy Teach Me to Read or Get Ready for the Code. My goal this year is for him to know the most common sounds of the letters, and start to learn some letter blends. I’m still trying to decide how to prepare him for Kindergarten, because he’ll be going to a formal school next year.

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