Archeological Dig

We took a few days off from school for the holiday, Eid ul Fitri. We were busy visiting on Eid, but the next day we were still off, and needed a way to keep the boys entertained.

In history class we had been studying Pompeii, and the work Archeologists do to help us find out what life was like during the Roman Empire. To keep the theme going, the boys suited up in their archeologist duds, and found buried “treasure” in the backyard sand pit.

Unfortunately I don’t have any pictures of G and the dig site…I guess it’s only on the video. G’s job was to break the site up into a grid, and then systematically dig for “treasures.” When G found something he handed it to J to brush off and bag. Then I recorded it all in their archeologist notebook.

G wanted to include some rappelling from rocks into the dig…but this was all I could manage.

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