Mighty Papaya

Papaya, the all around good for you tree.
Fruit: can be eaten while still green and, of course, after it’s already ripe. Green papaya is excellent grated up, and made into a fresh coleslaw or salsa (think mango salsa). It’s also nice sautéed with grated carrots, garlic, and a little fresh ginger. Or done in the Thai way. This also helps with Hepatitis. When papaya is ripe it has excellent digestive properties and A, B, and C vitamins.
Sap from an unripe fruit: used for cleaning wounds, worms, dysentery, urinary infections, etc
Seeds: Cures many of the same things as sap.
Leaves: eaten as greens (though they are quite bitter, so they are nice done up with the flowers, and cassava leaves). Used as a pack for drained abscesses. Also said to help coagulate blood in a person that is hemorrhaging.
“Flowers”: the male papaya tree has lovely flowers that are excellent cooked up with other greens.

Many of the medical benefits I read about in an excellent little book: Natural Medicine in the Tropics by Dr. Hans Martin Hirt and Bindanda M’Pia

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