Roman Gladiator

In our history studies we learned about the Roman Empire.
G thought it would be fun to dress up like a Roman gladiator (he doesn’t quite grasp how horrible the gladiators’ lives were). We created armor for his legs and arms, and a shield. He already had the helmet, so I wanted to match the look.

For the shield: first we cut 9 circles out of a box. Then we glued silver cereal bags (they work better than tin foil because they are thicker) onto the circles. We taped around the edge of the larger circle with silver duct tape. We painted the whole thing black, and rubbed most of the paint off with a dry cloth, to make it look like the helmet. Then we attached the circles with brads. Then, I painted the red, and black edges. Finally, we attached a duct tape handle on the back with silver thumb tacks.
For the armor: We cut rounded squares out of cereal boxes. Then we followed much the same process as the shield, but this time we created a design out of the brads. We made the straps out of black duct tape.

Now he is ready to fight.

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