The knock-knock of the new generation

Here, the way of knocking before coming into a house is to make noise; maybe a cough, nudging the kids, or loud(ish) talking with your friend. Then you wait patiently, squatting or sitting a bit off from the house, until you are invited up onto the “floor”.

The new modern method, though, is not to cough, but to turn on some music. If you need to announce your arrival, turn up the volume until your hosts let you in.

The other night we were having a family night and watching a video.
Right in the middle of the movie, we heard the distinctive boom, boom, shicka, boom of our neighbors’ favorite song.
Michael leaned over and said, “that’s not the soundtrack of our movie.”
I replied, “Nope. Should we answer the door?”
My dear husband didn’t answer right away.

Then the music went shicka, boom, boOOM! BOOM! BOOM! SHICKA! BOOM! No longer ignorable.

So we paused the movie, and the family night, and {kinda grudgingly} hung out with our neighbor.
Admittedly, we were praying for patience throughout the rest of the night. If we ask for wisdom (or patience), God gives without finding fault.

Moral of the story? I don’t have one, really. I guess, if your neighbor comes a knockin’…hang out with them…and let them do the talkin’.

*our ipad is on the fritz, its not communicating well with our computer, anyways we can fix it once we get to fast internet…in the meantime our pictures may or may not have much to do with what I am writing about….but tenang does mean peaceful.

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