Case Study

Early one morning my friend showed up with a baby. She said the baby was born about 12 hours before, but his face was still all grey.

I unwrapped the little bundle of baby, and slowly became aware of the fact that he was incredibly small. His skin was icy cold. I read. In my books that if a baby is still grey after several hours, he may have a problem with his heart or lungs.
What would you do?

I realized we needed to start by getting him warm. I didn’t have any more hats around the house, but remembered my fuzzy socks. I cut off the top of the socks, and made a little hat (a very, very little hat).

The I found out that he was a month early, and finally checked the chapter on preemies.
I read that a preemie should always be kept warm, preferably inside of a shirt. Since no one was offering the inside of their shirts, I made up some hot water bottles, and for several hours we took turns, keeping him warm.
He eventually started losing his grey color.

I still wanted his family to take him to the doctor to make sure that he didn’t have a heart problem, and need to be on oxygen.

His family decided not to take him to the doctor, but I’ve heard that he’s doing well now.
Maybe he was just dangerously cold, and needed heated up.
What do you think?

4 thoughts on “Case Study

  1. I’m sad. I just got word that his bitty little baby didn’t make it very long. His family wasn’t able to make the long trip down to the hospital. They just came by asking to see the pictures of him…I’m at least glad I have something for them.


  2. Aww, that’s so sad. I’m so glad that you were able to give them the pictures. The chances are, he probably did have a heart problem. Warming him up was definitely the right thing to do. The reason that they say to warm him up inside a shirt is that the skin-to-skin contact is good for them, it not only helps to keep them warm, but shows them that someone is caring for them. Poor guy. He looks pretty pink and warm in his little hat in the last picture.

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