So, what do you do?

So, what do you do when you run out of LPG AND karosene, and it’s several days before more is set to arrive from the bigger town?

Well…we decided to have “fun” camp fire style.
And it was fun, for a FEW meals. It was a good time for the gas to run out, because it got down to 66F a few nights. It felt just about right to huddle around a fire, talking, and enjoying each other.

After a few times though, it was just plain work. It takes a long time to cook over a fire. Twice long as over a stove. It takes time collecting wood, getting the fire to the right temperature, and then poking it and prodding it to maintain the right temperature.

Michael had to get up at five to get the fire started so we could eat by 6:30ish.

Now we know how our friends feel, and why they don’t eat three square meals a day, and are sometimes too tired to always boil their drinking water.

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