A ramshackle Gingerbread house

Often things in our lives do not go as planned.

I have been planning to post here on this blog for quite awhile.
I have composed lots and lots of posts in my head.
Most have them have been deep thoughts, things that take my little brain a long time to wade through. I still find myself slogging through it all; I still haven’t been able to write my thoughts all the way down on paper with a good intro and a nice application at the end. Maybe I will be able to soon. It’s a good place that I’m in: thinking, feeling, and working on believing truth. But, it takes time to process.

So, what does that have to {loosely} do with our ramshackle gingerbread house?
When we bought our beautiful Gingerbread house kit at Ikea visions of spices, and family time, and beauty, and Christmas rainbows danced in my head.

Reality though is a stove top metal box oven with uneven baking temperatures, guests that stop by at the crucial baking moment, a shortage of gingerbread dough, and a rain shower. We love a good seasonal rain shower because it almost feels like being snowed in. But, the cozy rainy humidity quickly soggified our gingerbread house, and it sagged and fell apart before our eyes.

Yes, our gingerbread house will never make it onto Pinterest. Yes, things happen. Yes, life doesn’t go as I plan. I choose to believe, though, that this messy deep waters life can glorify Him. And that His name is still Love.

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