Birth choices

Mama + Ezra

A few hours old and snuggling with his mama.


When I gave birth two months ago it was a beautiful and powerful experience.

Sitting in my hospital bed, I thought a lot about the first world gift of choice. I had wanted to have a”natural” birth at home or in a birthing center. But, after looking around at the options, thinking about my husband and I’s own personalities, and counting our $$$ I decided that I would give birth in a hospital with a doctor. While we weren’t able to be in a birthing center like I had wanted, I WAS able to find a doctor who was chill with no pills. And, even if it was in a hospital setting, it was still a beautiful experience.


We welcome you to the world little one.


Being waited on by the nurses and staff gave me a lot of time to sit and reflect. I was able to sink into the reality (and wonder) of becoming the mother of a newborn again. I was also hit by the fact that my experience was oh so much different than my friends’ in the village.


img 2627

One day after being welcomed into the world, a healthy baby boy is held by his father.


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Birth Story No. 3

I understand that most of you men out there will probably not be interested in these birth stories. So just keep scrolling down our blog, you might find something that interests you, maybe Michael’s motorbike trips, like this one or this one?

A week after Merry gave birth Liana’s mom asked me to come and check Liana out. She had been sick to her stomach, and couldn’t sleep all night. When I went over I checked her blood pressure (100/65), felt her baby (hard for me to determine the position), and checked for the heart beat on the fetalscope. I got a nice, loud heart beat. I told her “congratulations, I think you are in early labor”, gave her a back rub, tried to get her comfortable with pillows, and told her to try to get some sleep. Then I told her to send one of the kids over if she needed me (they are our closest neighbors). I went home.

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a baby hat + a baby boy

Remember how I told you that “my daughters” were married. What I didn’t mention is that the second one, Merry, was only fourteen. No I didn’t approve.
But, even if they call me mom, I could only say so much. Especially, since I found out after the fact.

Anyways, it wasn’t too long before they told me she was pregnant (she was too shy to tell me herself). Fast-forward 6-7ish months, I got woke up from a nap (second time to called during a nap) because “Merry’s belly was hurting.” I know her, she’s not a complainer, so I figured it must be something serious. I was hoping it was just round ligament pain or Braxton Hicks…and I’d tell her to rest…maybe giver her a back rub.

Just a note: the rest of the story is sad AND about birth. Up to you if you want to continue reading.

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the baby story

This is a birth story. If you don’t like birth stories, you can skip it. It’s not graphic, at least I don’t think it is. Nope, no pictures, I forgot my camera (and it probably would have been intrusive).

A week ago I was napping, and Michael woke me up to tell me that we had visitors.
I grumpily went out thinking, “can’t anyone get a nap around here?”
They told me, breathlessly, some stuff that I didn’t understand, and “could I please come?”

So I went and got my notebook, told Michael to be ready to go with me, and then slowly asked all of the questions I know how to ask, and wrote all of their responses. They must have been frustrated by my slowness. When I took the paper back in to Michael, I had at least figured out that someone was giving birth, and he then told me that what I had written was that the baby was stuck.

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