Greens and Whining.

One loves yellow rice. The other loves chocolate cereal.

For lunch the other day we had rice, cassava and papaya greens in coconut milk, and fried tempeh

If you are thinking “my kids would NEVER eat that, and would just beg for some pizza.” Yeah. My kids didn’t want to either. And there was wishing for pizza. 

After their daddy prayed and thanked God for the greens that we grew in our yard and the rice and fish that we were able to buy with the money He provides us with, Michael reminded the boys that the Israelites whined and wished for pizza too…or er…leeks. 

The Israelites were bored. Bored of the miracle that fell from the sky every day. Yawn. They only had to pick up the miracle from the ground. Yawn. God provided the miracle Yawn.

It’s kind of hard to imagine that the thing the Iraelites called manna, and described as tasting like honey cakes would get boring. But, once it became usual they overlooked the miracle, the provision. 

I do the same thing…I overlook the miracle. I overlook the One that allows us to live and work in a simple, mountain environment. I strap on my big girl boots and figure that I am the reason we all survive. No wonder I end up becoming the Queen of Compain. Today I am remembering that God provides for us in miraculous ways. I am trying to be grateful for the manna. 

It’s not only my kids who need a spirit of gratefulness.

How food happens

We get food several ways…

1. We bring a bulk order of food from the big city about six hours away (we can get cheese, raisins, olive oil…stuff like that).

2. Michael brings food up from the little trade stores/big market in the town by the ocean (rice, fish, some veggies like carrots, shampoo…)

3. We buy it from the little market about a 15 minute walk away (sugar, flour, coffee, coconut oil, crackers)

4. We, or our friends, grow it and then get it from the garden.

5. We, or our friends, forage for it.


Here’s a foraging/language learning adventure to get bamboo shoots.

We looked around, and finally Mirna found some shoots.

She pulled them out and peeled them on the spot. They are quite itchy otherwise.

Walking home, shoots in hand.

Washing shoots and feet in the stream.

Slicing shoots back at home.

Boiling shoots on top of the kerosene burner.

Delicious! Mixed with coconut milk, shallots, garlic, carrots, pumpkin, green onions, tumeric, and ginger.

So, that’s how food happens around here.