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I mentioned before that Michael teaches the boys Science. Excuse me for a second while I praise my husband: Michael’s an excellent teacher that really knows how to make the lessons extra special. I like the Answers in Genesis curriculum because it has fun experiments planned out, but Michael has a knack for making them even better. In the book, God’s Design for the Heaven & Earth: Our Planet Earth, the boys learned about volcanoes; the different parts, vocabulary words, and famous volcanoes. The plan was to make the classic baking soda volcano.

So Michael took the original idea, and made it look awesome.

Which turned out to be a good thing because either our baking soda is too old, or our vinegar is too weak…so the exploding part was mostly a flop.

Here are the volcano bottle wrap files that the boys made for you.

Organizing School

I talked about how this year is going so much better, partly because I organized.
Our family operates rather free and loose, mainly because there are many things that happen here that just can’t be planned. Like the day we were in the middle of doing math (G) and letters sounds (J), and a guy came to the house all covered in blood from a machete cut. Of course we had to put the math aside, and spend some time compressing the wound, feeding him and his family, and arranging transport to the hospital. I realized that G’s been getting good lessons in health and biology, because when my friend was too shaky/scared to put the blood pressure cuff on the guy, I was able to ask G to show her how to do it.

Anyways. It’s also my personality to not be super planned. But, I read this excellent post on How to Plan Your Homeschool Day by, and it made my brain finally click.

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As you can see above, we started school back in July. G couldn’t wait to dive into the new books, and I was ready for some structure in our days.

Kindergarten was a bit rough with both of us often getting frustrated at each other, and I’d usually have to make G do school. But, this term (yep, we already finished a term) has gone SO MUCH smoother. I’ve learned a thing or two.
Now G even asks if we can do school on Saturdays. It’s really a ruse just to do history, but he always says he’ll do reading and math too to sweeten the deal. I think its great, but I always say “no”. I need Saturdays too.
So what changed?

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