Making a cloth doll

When we first moved here, I started a list “100 uses for a sarong”. I’ve just barely made it to 20, so I guess 100 was quite ambitious. Maybe if I really break things down like 1. a carrier for betel nut 2. a carrier for water 3. a carrier for groceries…that might get me there.

I’ve since discarded the title. It’s now just a list of ways to use the multi-purpose sarong:

  1. Skirt
  2. Beach/after bath cover-up
  3. Towel
  4. Cape
  5. Head cover/sun cover
  6. Blanket
  7. Sleeping bag
  8. Changing room
  9. Backpack
  10. Baby carrier
  11. Child back carrier
  12. Chicken carrier
  13. Purse
  14. Nightgown
  15. Swing
  16. Baby hammock
  17. Stretcher
  18. Tablecloth
  19. Rain Jacket
  20. “hip pack” (if you are wearing a sarong as a skirt, you can wrap up oranges, candy, or whatnot in the front folds)
  21. Doll

Here’s the way that a doll is made:



What to pack ?!?


On our recent trip up further into the mountains I learned *a little better* what to pack, and what to wear…

FIRST pack my lipstick. Everyone was perfectly lipsticked, and I felt really underdressed

SECOND pack a pretty sarong. I packed ugly ones because they were big enough to carry the j-dude. But once again I felt really underdressed. And if I could have pulled out a pretty sarong, I could have covered up my muddy bottom.

THIRD pack a shirt to change into. I sweat like a hog…or…or…or something else a little more glamourous that sweats a lot. Maybe a bottle of Evian that just got taken out of the fridge.

FOURTH always pack my green bag and other overnight gear, because the river might flood and then we will stranded in the land of few bridges and many river crossings.

FIFTH wear long pants because the infected gaping wounds on my legs are just nasty. Hence the sort of not attractive zip-off pants I just invested in.

LASTLY don’t worry about packing my pride. Because it will be gone before I know it, and it’s not worth having around.

So yeah I will become a “glam hiker” on my next trip. And I thought they were oxymorons.